Sunday, October 19, 2008

Hello from Jupiter!

Hi all!

So after Melbourne we headed to Coral Springs for a quick two shows. All I did in Coral Springs was chill by the hotel pool and spend way too much money at Target. Oops! The audiences in Coral Springs ROCKED, though! They were the best so far. AND I happened to spot this picture at a pizza joint we went to after our shows.....Adam Sandler! Apparently he's a fan of Pasquale & Sons' Pizza Company! How about that, Aileen? :)

After Coral Springs we headed to Jupiter where we had our first 3 show day. Now, our show is very physical. By the end of the show most of us are soaked with sweat. 1 show is tough. 2 shows is tiring. 3 shows? 3 shows is exhausting. This is me at around 8am before our first show that day.....Not doing so good. To make matters worse, while we were waiting to begin the show backstage we found out that there were a bunch of high schoolers in the audience. At first the idea of having high schoolers at our show was kind of exciting. I thought they might actually have a really good time. Wow was I wrong. They seemed to be purposefully trying to have a bad time. Needless to say, I was in a pretty bad mood after that show.

This is me before the 1pm show.....As you can see, I was quite wary of our next audience. Shortly before the 1pm show, though, we discovered that the audience was going to be mostly home schooled kids and elderly people. Not so bad! THEN, about 5 minutes before the show we found out that most of our audience had cancelled because their transportation to the theater had not shown up. We performed for about 30 people which was actually a whole lot of fun. Margo (she plays Tock in our show) even got herself a standing ovation from a group of girls sitting in the front row who I'm pretty sure were wearing Annie shirts!

I actually had a special guest at the 1pm show! Pooh Browne, a very good family friend, came to support. After the show, which she loved, she took me to this amazing pier that stretched out for 300 feet into the Atlantic Ocean. At the end of the pier you could see where the ocean floor dropped away to about 3000 feet. HOLY SHIT! Pretty amazing, right? Unfortunately I didn't take any pictures cause I didn't have my camera with me. Pooh took some photos so I'll try to get those up here soon. After the pier we went to a great smoothie place where Pooh treated me to a protein smoothie so I could have some strength and energy for the next show. I needed it!

The next show was at 7pm and we had an even smaller audience! It was still a lot of fun, though. After the show we went out into the lobby and got to say hello to a few of the kids. They seemed to have really liked the show which made the whole tiring day worth while.

That night a bunch of us went out to a place called The Thirsty Turtle for some food and drinks. This is me after all the shows.....I was feeling much much better!

Actually, we were ALL feeling a lot better!
The next day a whole group of us went to Fort Lauderdale since it was our last day in Florida. We were looking for sun, beach time and food and we got exactly what we wanted. Margo, Lindsay, Eric and Carolyn pose for the camera now, flick, flick.....Lindsay and Margo sass it up.....I was just elated to be there :)REALLY elated.....After we got enough sun we walked down the Fort Lauderdale strip to a restaurant Fish Bait Shack.....or something? Don't quite remember that one. On the way I got a glimpse of what I call The Meat Market.....YIKES.

Anyway, the restaurant was pure Spring Break madness even though we're not even remotely close to Spring Break.

I don't think Margo could look beachier.....Here's Dave being Dave.....straight up. Word.Being at this restaurant kept making me think about, the website I put under my list of other blogs to check out awhile ago. Lemme tell you, I could have had a whole book FULL of photos of douchebags. But I decided to be civil and not take pictures of random people. I just had to sneak this picture, though. Please observe the two shirtless guys in the back.....Those two are prime examples. And, yes, I realize that I'm terrible for making fun of them. I'm sorry, ok? Forgive me?

We also passed by Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. I really have no idea why I took this pic. Maybe cause my good friend Doug works at the one in Times Square. Here it is anyway! Love you Doug :)Finally, we made it back to the car and I proceeded to pass out in the back seat for a bit. But before I nodded off I took two last pics of Fort Lauderdale. Here's one of the many fancy Marina's in the sunset.....And here's Fort Lauderdale :)
Tomorrow I'll try to write about our drive out of Florida. I finally got to see a Gator!!!!!!!!!


Love you all. Bye!


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