Sunday, February 24, 2008

Spice Up Your Life!!!!!!

About two or three weekends ago I went to see the one and only Spice Girls with my friends Michael and Angie. Michael was nice enough to get me a ticket for FREE. Amazing, right?!! He had gotten the tickets ages ago so by the time the show came around we were just busting...we needed some Spice in our lives!!!!!!!!

The day of the show I headed over to Michael's house in the East Village to see his new apartment. He's got this amazing studio which has been totally renovated and is actually not that expensive for the Village. Plus, it's pretty damn big. AND he's got a fire escape right outside his window which will be great during the summer. I mean if that place were mine I would be out there daily writing or reading or whatever.

Anyway, so then we hopped on the path train out to New Jersey where the show was. First, we stopped by Chili's to get some food and meet up with his old roommate, Angie. Let me just tell you that it was absolutely freeeeeeezing outside. The walk from the train station to Chili's was terrible. The walk back to the train after our meal was even worse because the winds were a blowin' people! Michael's scarf was actually whipped right off his neck. I chased it down in the middle of the damn street and managed to drop my iPod on the sidewalk. The wind was after my tunes, I'm sure of it. Anyway, it was chaos there for a minute.

Everything got better once we got back on the train and headed to the arena. First of all, we could tell that there were A LOT of people on the train who were also going to the show. Once we all got off the train and started walking toward the arena I shouted out "Spice up your life!" and immediately heard hoots and hollers in response. I love it!

We got inside the arena, made a few purchases (I was gonna get a shirt that said 'Who do you think you are?' which is my favorite Spice Girls song but they didn't have my size, bitches) and then finally got to our seats which were pretty damn great. The stage was HUGE and they had this catwalk extending out into the audience...very Madonna Confessions Tour...but I'll forgive them ;) Here's us before the show...
I know I look either stoned or ridiculously tired but I wasn't either, I promise! And look at Michael...ridiculous...he NEVER smiles in pictures.

After running to the ridiculously expensive bar a few times for some beers the time had finally come for the show to start. It was a full hour after the show was supposed to start and the arena was absolutely sizzling with Spiciness...we wanted our ladies up on stage NOW!!! Slowly but surely the music that had been playing since we got there started getting louder and louder, people were freaking out! Then, finally, the lights went down and the arena ERUPTED. We all started screaming and clapping, it was amazing!

After a brief video montage, the ladies finally appeared. Well, kinda. They appeared like this...The screens then came up and there they were...The Spice Girls. Spice up your life! Shake it to the left if you're having a good time! I wanna make you holla! The Spice Girls!!!!

Here's Michael and me reacting to their amazingness...
Hahahaha!!! Not gonna lie, I love that pic.

Here's some more Spicy goodness...See them walking down the catwalk with their male dancers on leashes?! Yes, ladies. YES.

Geri (Ginger Spice) isn't in the top pic cause they were singing Holla' which the Spice Girls released after she had left the group. Here she is looking fabulous in a sexy little outfit Roberto Cavalli designed for her. And by the way, her solo number was 'It's Raining Men'. I don't think I've ever felt gayer.Here's Mel C (Sporty Spice) doing her solo number. She really is a sporty, feisty girl! She was running and jumping all over that stage.Here are the five of them looking crazy sexy as they take in the crowd...And some random pictures...The finale. Confetti explosion!!! Here are some of my favorite Spice moments...

I don't remember what number this was but they sang some sexy, swanky song and came out of these little heart-shaped booths.Mel B (Sporty Spice) had a microphone with a whip attached to the joke. During her solo number she picked a guy out of the crowd, strapped him onto this huge metal ladder thing, and then gave him a lap dance of sorts...craziness...My favorite part of the WHOLE show, though, had to be Victoria Beckham's (Posh Spice) solo. Excuse me, "solo"...oh boy. First of all, let me explain something that I haven't mentioned much, if at all, on this blog. I happen to be a Madonna fan. A HUGE Madonna fan. It's kinda ridiculous. I have all her albums and have seen her live 31/2 times. You read that right, 31/2. I'll explain that in another entry sometimes soon. Anyway! Posh began her "solo" to the opening of Madonna's song 'Like a Virgin' and when I heard the first few notes of the song I FREAKED OUT. Michael, also being a huge Madonna fan, also freaked out. We looked at each other, grabbed hands, and screamed into each others faces. True story. So 'Like a Virgin' is playing and Posh begins to strut down the catwalk and I mean STRUT. She was giving it to me. When she got to the end of the catwalk she gave us a few model poses and then sank back into the stage. And...that was it. That was her "solo" if you can even call it that. I'm not one to lie, though, so I am going to fully admit that I LOVED it. And everyone in the arena did, too! We were all screaming like we were watching some sort of goddess...which she isn't, people. Sorry. Actually, whenever Posh would do anything, like sing a verse or two here and there, everyone would start screaming and was so strange! I guess it's because she's married to David Beckham and all the girls and gays felt a little closer to him by screaming like mad for her. Maybe? Here she is giving us a sensible pose...Another crazy thing that I noticed was that there were soooo many young people there. I mean, like, tweens! 13-15 year olds! I thought it was gonna be all 20-30 year olds who used to be fans years ago, but no! I guess the Spice Girls had a more lasting impact on the world than I thought they did. Also, I must admit that they were actually pretty damn good. They all sang great, danced wonderfully, gave us a lot of energy, and really seemed to be enjoying themselves. Although I didn't know as many of the songs as Michael and Angie did, I definitely was trying to sing along and remembered a lot more songs than I thought I would.

I think they got me, people, I think I'm actually a true Spice Girls fan now. Shit! I mean look at me...I was obviously having a blast.

So everyone...what's the message of this blog? SPICE UP YOUR LIFE!!!

I love you all. Peace.

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