Saturday, March 1, 2008

A little experiment...

Just writing a quick note to everyone to apologize for not having written much over the past few days. I had a kinda crazy week. I was working a lot at Chelsea Studios and even though I could have very easily written a blog entry right at my desk I just didn't. Except for my fabulous Spice Girls and Madonna entries, of course! Hopefully those were enought to tide some of you over.

Onto something a tad more me at least. I'm a little curious as to how many people actually read this blog so I wanna try a little experiment. Bear with me, ok? I know it shouldn't really matter who or how many people read this, but I'm just a little curious. Ok? Ok.

So, let's do this. Everyone pick up your phone and text me a word. A very simple word. about pickle. Or poop. Or pompom. Got it? Any of those three words...pickle, poop or pompom. Just text me one of those words and I'll know that I've got readers out there somewhere. If those words are too silly for you just text me anything, I don't mind. If you can't text just call me or e-mail me or write a comment on my blog or whatever. If you can't do any of those, no big deal. I'm sure I'll be fine and I'll keep writing anyway ;)

Looking forward to hearing from you! Woo!

See you all later. Love and peace, people!


Katherine said...

Um, I'm poor and would have to pay international rates, so I'm just putting something up here. Does that work?


Maju said...

PICKLE, POOP, POMPOM!! haha! sorry hon... I would have tryed to text you but I DONT HAVE YOUR CEL NUMBER!! I keep asking for it but you keep on ignoring my request! you little butt!

oh well... I guess this counts too right? ahh y por si acaso... Cecy lee tambiƩn el blog y SUPER SEGUIDO... ahora esta en examenes so she hasnt been able to read this entry or she would have said something I'm sure... just so you know, she says that this blog is her "novela" hahah! soooo two more people in your fan list!


Maju said...

OHH JONIII! estoy escuchando Madonna ahorita! hhaha! it reminds me of you so much! that xmas remember? where her album where "Impressive Instant" is in (forgive me please! I'm not as big a fan as you! I cant remember the name of the albim!)was released? remember? and that same year we spent new years at Tommy's remember? with my sister, you, me noah, karen, was Maja there too? I can't remember... anyway... haha! that song just finished and I just wanted u to know that I remembered all those things in the few minutes it lasted ahah! funny thing... the mind... remember so much in so little... haha! oh well... take care hon! luv ya a ton!