Wednesday, June 4, 2008


Oh my goodness, where have I been??! So sorry I haven't written in awhile. So much has happened! I just turned 24, I had my New York debut in a little musical reading called Finding Frida Kahlo, and I was working at Chelsea on top of it all! I'm pooped. Anyway, since I'm at work right now I can't write an extensive blog. I thought I would just let you all know that I'm alive, doing well, and will update soon with a real big mama blog about Frida, my b-day, and much much more!

Aaaaand since I'm a nice fella, here are some videos and a pic of things that have recently caught my eye.

First of all, Madonna's new video for her song Give It 2 Me just came out. She looks pretty great. I mean....she's in her underwear. For real, Madge? Oh yes, for real.

I just downloaded this song called I Kissed a Girl by Katy Perry. I thought it was a little gem that I had discovered that no one else knew about, but apparently it's like #2 on iTunes right now or something like that. She actually used to be a Christian artist! Anyway, I LOVE this song. The video is kinda blah, but I must admit I have a bit of a crush on this girl. Weird......but appropriate for this song! Take a look, she cute. Think she might have some staying power?

Last but not least, since this entry is called M.I.A., here's a video by the actual M.I.A.! This girl has got crazy history and her musical presentation is unlike anything I have seen in years! I really like her but some find her a little too out there. I happen to really LIKE people who aren't afraid to be outlandish with their music and style. Here's her song Jimmy from her last album Kala. Just a's COLORFUL.

And did everyone see this picture that recently came out in the news?!!! A new Indian tribe has been found in Brazil! HOLY SHIT!!!!! Look at them shooting arrows at the plane! I love this stuff, especially since I used to live in Brazil. Apparently there are bunches of undiscovered tribes in Brazil and Peru. Crazy, right?

I love you all. I'll be back with a big bad blog entry real soon!

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