Wednesday, June 11, 2008


I saw Kung Fu Panda the other day. So funny, so cute, so cool. Go see it! Am I the only person in the world, though, who is kinda thrown off by those huge iMAX screens? I think they're kinda overwhelming. I hardly have enough time to catch everything that's going on!!! Anyway, that's not the point. Kung Fu Panda was great. Highly recommended!

And speaking of Panda's.....

A sneezing baby Panda.....what could be cuter?

Anyway, I promised to write a big blog entry soon and I definitely haven't.....but I haven't forgotten my promise! And now I have even more to write about!

See you all soon!


Lotusfire said...

Hey Jonny!
Glad you are doing great. Love the videos speacially the dancers. Stay cool!

Lotusfire said...

Loved the Panda sneeze