Monday, October 6, 2008

Finally On Tour!!!

Hey everyone, so sorry I haven't written in ages.

SOOOOOO much has happened.  I've been pretty ridiculously busy.  I've been meaning to write but never got the chance.  Sorry!  But now that I'm finally on the road I'm planning to write regularly again.

Tour officially started yesterday.  We left The Kennedy Center at around 10:30am and headed for Walterboro, South Carolina.  Luckily we have only one truck and two vans which means that unless you are the designated driver or navigator of one of the vans you can sprawl out on your own big bench.  Fabulous.  The drive was long but fun nevertheless.  I drove a lot, read a bit, slept, listened to some Madge, slept some was lovely.  We even got to take a quick pee break at a horrid place called South Of The Border which is this Mexican themed gas station somewhere in North or South Carolina.  This is Rudy and Carolyn with some huge sombrero man at South Of The Border.....

We arrived in Walterboro around 8:30pm.....oof.  We were tired but also starving so a big group of us headed to Ruby Tuesday for some food and hopefully for a drink or two.  We definitely got some food but unfortunately you can't get a beer in the South on Sundays.  Humph.

The next day we headed for our final destination  and first show stop in Sarasota, Florida.  Unfortunately, we got hit by some pretty ferocious storms but our fearless drivers (I had driven the day before so I got lucky, I just had to navigate) got us through quite safely.

When we arrived in Sarasota I saw that Ringling University is here.  One of my great friends from when I lived in Brasil actually went to Ringling University!  His name is Kenneth Armstrong and from what I've seen online, the artistic talent he had when I knew him as a kid has grown impressively.  Go to and you'll see what I'm talking about.  I wonder if he's still in Sarasota.....hmm.....

Anyway.  I love you all and I'll be sure to post something soon!  Woo!


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