Saturday, November 1, 2008

Happy Halloween from Virginia Beach!

Yeah I know it's not Halloween anymore, but I have to tell you all about yesterday!

First of all, here's us all dressed up.....That's Lindsay as Michelle Obama, Carolyn as Audrey Hepburn, Kevin as a pimp, Dave as a clown, Me as Scooby Doo, Margo as Bettie Page, Eric as a pirate, and Rudy as a devil.

We started out by going to downtown Virginia Beach to a haunted house called Nightmare House or something like that. It was pretty scary but my damn Scooby head kept falling down and covering my eyes so I didn't see much.....which was probably for the best anyway. I was the last person in the group which is never any fun. I kept thinking someone was gonna come sneaking up behind me, but if they did I sure as hell didn't know about it!

After the haunted house we went to this bar nearby called Peabody's. Unfortunately since we got there so early there weren't many people there. Margo got attention from the get go, though! It was pretty hilarious. The moment she walked in some guy was like "Hey! Are you Katy Perry?" This is her about 10 to 15 minutes after our arrival.....Amazing.

Soon enough the place started to pack up. We all had ourselves a few drinks and then it was time for a little photo shoot and a little fun on the dance floor. Here's the notorious Bettie Page striking some poses.....Yay Halloween!Work it out!!!Here's the Scooby costume in full effect!!!From here on out the night got a touch.....blurry. I'm guessing at this point I was just in the mood to have a photo shoot all night!!!

Boys.....Audrey and Bettie.....Kool Aid?And at this point in the evening I was apparently having an absolute BLAST.....Margo got a little tired of being Bettie so she decided to be one of the Jabbawockeez for a bit.....And here's one of my absolute favorite pics from the whole night.....Thank you so much Kevin.

Anyway! After we all danced for awhile it was time for the costume contest. There were two categories, sexiest costume and best costume. Margo entered the sexiest costume contest. Here she is strutting her stuff.....Now, one thing that kinda bothered me was the fact that no guys could enter the sexiest costume contest. I think I saw a few try but the douchebag emcee didn't let them cross the stage. He did let one handsome fellow work the runway, though.....Delicious.

And here's the douchebag emcee, just for shits and giggles.....BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! I didn't like him very much.

Unfortunately, Margo didn't win. They picked some rather skanky ass girls as their finalists and then narrowed it down to some random girl who was probably wearing booby tassels and that's about it. I made my disapproval quite clear! I was booing so emphatically I think I may have burst a vocal chord.

After the sexiest costume contest, Carolyn and I entered ourselves into the best costume category. Here we are preparing ourselves.....Oh yeah.

Finally, we made our way up on the stage. Carolyn went first and I followed close behind. I took a pic of my adoring fans cheering for me as I danced across the stage.....They seem pretty into it, right? Apparently the douchebag emcee wasn't. He said something like "And here's Scooby Doo! He's a little.....funny" as I made my way across. Ugh, shut up Douchey.

We didn't think we were gonna win and, guess what, we didn't! I'm rather pleased with who did win, though. But before I get to that lemme share a few pics of other contenders.....

Ursula.....Let's just call this one.....yikes.....Party Boy!Um.....Jigsaw promotes peace?AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!!!! MICHAEL MYERS!!!!!!!!!!!!A kissing booth!I have no damn idea what this girl is but she really wanted me to take her picture.....MARIO!!! And my gum.My favorite costume of the night and the winner of the $500 best costume contest was.....NAOMI CAMPBELL!!!

Here she is working her way off the runway. Doesn't she look like she's saying "No pictures! NO PICTURES!"As soon as she was near enough we had a little impromptu photo shoot.....No more! No more! Well, maybe just one more.....Work.
After the contest it was most definitely time to go so we wrangled together our troops and off we went. We were all a little done in at this point.....But of course I kept taking picture after picture.....And then all of a sudden my camera decided to start taking black and white photos. Not quite sure how that happened. See those two out in the parking lot? It's the Ambiguously Gay Duo!And here I am. Not ambiguously gay at all!
Back at the hotel they had some treats for us! Rudy dove right in.....Michelle Obama had had a rough was time to lose the heels.....And, finally, it was time for bed! Bettie Page says "Goodnight!"
Happy Halloween! Love you all :)

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