Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Well, it's official. I'm terrible at this. TERRIBLE I say.

Sorry (yet again) that I have left you all without any blog entries. A lot has been going on.


In January I decided to travel to DC at the end of the month for the DC/Baltimore area Equity Liaison auditions. It's basically a big audition watched by a bunch of different theaters all at once. In other words, a great opportunity.

So, I bought myself a ticket to DC. A few weeks later I found myself in Memphis, TN. More on Memphis later. We were there for a good long while so a bunch of us did a lot of sight-seeing. It was pretty great. The day before our only show in Memphis, though, there was an ice storm warning in effect. The next day when I woke up I had received a text from our stage manager announcing that our show had been cancelled due to the storm. Now, even though this meant I got to sleep in a bit more, it was actually bad news to me. We hadn't done a show in awhile and the tech crew had basically set up our entire set for nothing. Boo.

Anyway, later that day I was trying to find a monologue for the upcoming audition when I received an email which at the time I didn't realize was about to send me spiralling into a bottomless pit of misery. And I'm not exaggerating. The email informed the Tollbooth cast that our next shows in Paducah, KY had been cancelled due to the storms. Uh oh. This meant we wouldn't even be driving to Paducah. Um...I was supposed to fly out of Paducah for the audition.


I immediately got on the phone to figure it all out.

Long story short (since I don't feel like revisiting the anguish) I was able to get a new flight but it took about 5 hours of phone time and a whole shitload of money.

I left that same day for DC which turned out to be really nice. I needed to just lay back and relax and I did just that. Also, Paul came down to see me. That was most definitely a plus.

AND I saw Sarah Palin. I swear. I was driving into DC to pick up Paul and I happened to see a woman walking across the street in the most bootiest heeliest bah-BOOTS I have seen in a long while. I noticed that she was being let into a fancy car by a very well put together driver. I happened to glance into her window as she happened to glance out...and we had a moment...a 3 second moment at most. And I saw her. Her face was done and I mean DONE. I got make-up on my face by just looking at her. We stared at each other for those 3 seconds and then I forced myself to look back at the road...I mean, I was driving. It was her. It was Sarah fuckin' Palin. And to be completely honest, she didn't look so bad. I found out later that she had in fact been in town for some sort of dinner or something like that.

Anyway, the audition went well. You only get three minutes to sing a song and do a monologue but thankfully I wasn't cut off. I sang the crap outta the song (Oh Darlin' by The Beatles) and was a little shaky with my monologue because I was nervous but I got it out and even made everyone in the room laugh a little.

So, that's that for now. I'll write soon about our exciting expeditions in Memphis.

But for now I'll leave you with some absolutely RIDICULOUS videos. Hopefully they'll make you laugh a bit.

Both of these are from a Brazilian TV show. This bit out of the show is called Camera Escondida (Hidden Camera). All I can say about this first one is that I would probably pass out if this ever happened to me. From what I can understand the guys who are talking are saying that so far they've caught three snakes just to spook the guys who come in to use the bathroom. Little do these guys know that they are about to get a whole hell of a lot more spooked...

In this next one the guys are being told that they need to go set an alarm in this cemetery while their boss goes to have some dinner. If THIS ever happened to me I am quite certain I would fully pee my pants...


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