Sunday, April 4, 2010

7:45am NYC moment

I was walking to the train to get to work yesterday at around 7:45am with my bf.  In the distance I spotted a rather large woman walking toward us.  She wasn't fat, she was what you would call big boned.  As she got closer I realized I got her all wrong.  She was a he.  A he in full make-up, tight morning sweats, hair pulled back...the works.  And he was working it.  Then, as he passed us he said, "Oh my God!  Two white boys!"  For real.

Nary ten steps further we saw a friendly man on his stoop.  He gave us a cheery "Hello!" as we passed...and then took a long swig from his can of Coors Light.  It's not even 8am yet, sir.

Only in NYC or only in Washington Heights?


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Clare Barry said...

Lmao, brilliant. If you ever go to the UK you should hit Liverpool or Birmingham's gay town- things you wouldn't even see in Vegas. Trust me.