Sunday, March 9, 2008

Diva Report

This may be the gayest thing I've ever posted.

Oh...what the hell. Balls to the wall...swallow my pride...

I just found the most ridiculous blog. It's called Diva Report and, well, it basically keeps you up to date on all pop divas out there. It's at I'm adding it onto my list of blogs to check out right there to your right and down a little...


See it?

If this entry made you sigh uncomfortably, blush, or say "Oh! For shame, Jonny" as you shook your head, then completely disregard it.

Love you all. Peace out! Woo!

P.S.: Notice how Madge is at the forefront of all the diva's? Love it.


Maju said...

ajaajja! hahahahah! jijijii! jujujuju! jojojojo! hohoho! CELINE DION HAS DIDNT SHAVE WELL!!! Jesus Joni! That's my home page now! hahaha! thanx for the tip!

Anonymous said...

Hello, puppy, I finally took some time to read the blog and I love it... you are an awesome writer, you made me laugh out loud. Muak, I love you and I'll see you in NYC this weekend!!

MRavey said...

hahaha this might be a new daily frequented site for me