Thursday, March 13, 2008

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I haven't written in a long ass time so here's a BIG MAMA of an entry. Everyone ready? Good!

Let's begin with Britney Houston, shall we?

Last Monday was Paul's last day off before he leaves for tour. He decided that since he was gonna have all of Monday off to nurse a hangover that we should go out Sunday night and have some crazy fun. I was all in. After work I joined Paul and a group of our friends at a bar called Vlada. Since it was Sunday there weren't that many people there. Vlada is usually a huge mess of over-dressed gay guys, their main girls, the random straight guy who gets forced to come along, the random "straight" guy who gets "forced " to come along, and the occasional drag queen. A lovely bunch. That Sunday, though, there was only one over-dressed gay guy (in a pair of skin tight shimmery gold pants), a few brave main girls, no straight or "straight" guys, and only ONE drag queen.......but that drag queen was all we needed. See, Miss Britney Houston was about to put on her weekly show at Vlada. We had no idea that there was a show happening that night, or especially what we were in for.

After having a few drinks, our rowdy bunch headed to the upper lever of Vlada where the show was gonna take place. We took our seats and waited anxiously for Miss Houston. Suddenly, the Emcee announced that it was finally time for The Britney Houston Experience.

And, was an EXPERIENCE.

She started her show with Britney Spears' new song Piece Of Me from her new album. BUT (and I mean BUT), Miss Houston did something Britney would never ever do......she sang it LIVE. LIVE, people!!!!!!!! And she sounded good!!!!!!! Plus, she was dancing her ass off and looking good at the same time. I love it! If you can sing, dance AND look hot for me at the same time you have most definitely got me hooked.

She also performed Beyonce's Get Me Bodied, Alanis Morissette's You Oughta Know, and Fergie's Clumsy among other numbers. She even gave us some Bjork...for real. I love Bjork...she's almost up their with Madonna. She performed Bjork's I Miss You, which is a crazy fun song. Aside from being incredibly talented at dancing and singing, she also happens to be quite the comedienne. Watch out for her people, she going places.

Here's a little taste of Britney Houston. She made a video of Lil' Mama's hit Lip Gloss.....this video is a huge YouTube hit by the way.

Also....see that guy in the orange shirt in the beginning who flips his hair? Yup, that's definitely my boo. That's Paul.....looking gayer than ever. Haha! Kidding, babe, kidding ;) See if you can spot him in the rest of the video.

Ok! Enough of that, let's move on. On Monday, Paul and I had a great day off. We first went to this great restaurant in the Village called Red Bamboo. It's this vegetarian/vegan restaurant that serves soy chicken, beef, and fish. I absolutely love it. Especially since I've been vegetarian for about 4 months now. When I get a craving for some nuggets or something I head straight to Red Bamboo.

After eating, we started walking uptown from West 4th street. After a while of wandering around aimlessly, we decided we should try to go catch a movie. We headed to the movie theater at Lincoln Center and happened to pass by Barnes&Noble. Luckily, we noticed that Laura Bell Bundy, the star of Broadway's Legally Blonde, was gonna perform a few songs from her new album Longing For a Place Already Gone right at that Barnes&Noble at was 7:20. Amazing! We decided we couldn't pass up on an opportunity like that so we headed right up to watch her sing. We easily found some seats and a few minutes later we were being treated to some great country tunes by Ms. Bundy. She was charming, gorgeous, and sounded great. Paul even recorded her singing a song on his cell phone and I'm pretty sure it's his ringtone right now....ridiculous. By the way, does anyone remember the video I posted awhile ago of Laura Bell Bundy royally messing up the ending of a song from Legally Blonde? I regret putting that up now, as funny as it was. She totally made up for it.

I also noticed that the stars of Sunday In The Park With George, Daniel Evans and Jenna Russell, were gonna perform a few numbers from Sunday at Barnes&Noble the very next day. Since I've been in that show I definitely couldn't pass up that opportunity either. I went with my friend Saum, who was in the show with me, and my friend Evan from work. Daniel Evans and Jenna Russell actually performed as George Seurat and Dot in the London production of Sunday. I'm pretty sure they won Olivier awards for their performances. An Olivier award is basically the same thing as a Tony award. Needless to say, they were both pretty brilliant.

To close off the week in the most wonderful way possible, my sister came from Boston with her boyfriend, Chris, to come visit me! Well, actually, they came to watch a movie with me. One of my best friends from Brazil named Antonio Negret wrote and directed a movie called Towards Darkness. It was accepted into last years Tribeca Film Festival and opened this weekend at an independent movie theatre in the Village. My sister came down to watch the movie with me.

Now, let me first express how incredibly proud I am of Antonio. I met him when I was about 5 years old and we instantly connected. My family lived in Brazil for about 5 years and every single one of those years was made all the more special and unforgettable because of Antonio, his brother Daniel, and their parents Helen and Rafael. Antonio and Daniel were and still are brothers to me. Helen and Rafael are basically second parents. At least that how I see it, haha! I, along with my brother and sister, would spend just about each and every weekend with them. Most of my greatest memories from Brazil include the Negrets. Many of those memories involve us all making movies together. Classics such as Karate Of The Galaxy (which I actually didn't appear in because I had a bit of a tantrum over my characters name), or Martin, which was most defnitely about a killer joke.

Towards Darkness was fantastic. It's an intense, dizzying, scary, important film about kidnappings in Colombia. Right after the movie I went to a bar with my sister and Chris and we sat and discussed for awhile. We all had different opinions about certain ideas the film offered, which means to me that Antonio has something very special to say with this movie. I can't wait to see him again and be able to talk all about it....and also, of course, I just wanna see my buddy.

Please go see it if you get the chance.
Also, just for shits and's the cover of Madonna's new album Hard Candy....

Bitch is gonna be 50 in August. I love it. I love her. Period, end of sentence.

Love you all. Peace.

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