Monday, May 12, 2008

A bad day.

I had a bad day today.

I ran into someone from school this morning at work. When he saw that I was wearing a Chelsea Studios shirt he asked me, "Do you work here?" I proudly responded "Yes!" He then said to me......

"Wow, you're a pro!"

For some strange reason that really irked me. Am I nuts to be so put off by something so pointless? He probably didn't even mean anything by it. He's a nice guy. Maybe it was just too early or something......


What really brought me down was the audition I had today for Big River. I ran into a friend of Paul's who had a great audition for it. They had asked him to sing two songs which is usually a really good sign.

When I got into line to wait my turn to sing I ran into a friend from school who is about to graduate. We chatted it up for a bit while we waited for the guy who was already singing in the audition room to finish up. The guy who was auditioning also sang two songs and was in the room for quite some time.......again, a good sign! Finally, he came out and my friend went in to sing before me. He has the most beautiful legit voice ever and, as I expected, was asked to sing a second song. Things were looking good, the auditioners seemed to really be taking their time to consider people. He came out and I went in. I headed straight to the accompanist, opened my rep book, and placed my song in front of him on the piano. He stared absently at my music so I sang a bit of it for him so he could get the tempo, but he just continued to stare without expression at the song. Finally, I realized that maybe my song choice may have been a bit too difficult to play for an audition so I said sorry. He then finally just said, "GO!" Yikes. I jumped back and stood in front of the auditioners. I announced my song and off I went. Thankfully, the song came out great. I interpreted it well, I hit my notes, everything I wanted to happen happened. Till I was done. I finished, smiled, and they said "Thanks, Jonathan. That was great." No second song.

Not so good.

Well, you can't win them all.


But you know what cheers me up? MOTORBOAT PICTURES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is my friend Ryan Lammer. He's great. We're partners in crime at Chelsea Studios. This is his best Motorboat. Pretty damn good.

He knows a different version of Motorboat, though, in which you shake your head back and forth really fast. Kinda like you're saying NO! with a lot of passion and gusto. The first pic came out all blurry but still kinda cool looking.

This one, though, is priceless. Doesn't it kinda look like I slapped him and happened to take a picture at the same time? That's called talent, people.

Bye now. I love you all.

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