Wednesday, May 21, 2008

New York City Moments

My good friend Matt Anderson, whose blog is listed in my other blogs to check out, occasionally posts pictures of ridiculously dressed people (or just ridiculous people) in a recurring series on his blog which he calls "A Case of the Unfortunates." I've decided to start a recurring series of my own! It's not anything like "A Case of the Unfortunates." I'm calling it "NYC Moments" and it'll consist of memorable moments I catch around town. Hopefully I'll be able to get some pictures up if I'm quick enough to capture the moment.

Let's get it started.....

Paul is in town! Yesterday we walked around Union Square looking for a store called Jackrabbit which sells running, yoga, and swimming gear. Jackrabbit has this really cool process of picking out correct running shoes for people. You tell a sales associate where you experience pain in your body when you run or exercise and they pick out a few pairs of shoes for you. You then get up on a treadmill and they film you while you run. They then analyze your run and can apparently tell if the shoes they have picked out for you work or not. Anyway, that's not the point of the NYC moment! Paul picked some great shoes and soon enough we were headed back out into Union Square. We decided since it was a gray rainy day that we should head to the movie theatre nearby, so we popped open our umbrellas and headed off.

Walking through Union Square is usually pretty messy. Not Times Square messy, but messy enough! When it's raining it's 100 times worse. If you don't have an umbrella it's downright hellish. We were weaving our way through a wet crowd toward the movie theater when a small, soaked woman attempting to talk on her cell phone appeared right in front of us. She was a disheveled umbrella, wet hair everywhere, make up running.....not looking so good. All of a sudden, a woman popped up out of nowhere right next to me. Then, as if it had been choreographed to happen this way, the mystery woman next to me handed the soaked woman an umbrella, and, without missing a beat, she grabbed it and kept walking. It was like an Olympic hand-off or something. The mystery woman and I kept walking in one direction while the soaked woman continued making her much drier way in the opposite direction behind us. I turned to her and told her how nice that had been of her. She then said, "Yeah, I was just looking for the person who looked like they needed it the most!"

NYC moments! Only in New York.

Anyway, Paul and I watched The Chronicles Of Narnia: Prince Caspian. I thought it was pretty good, Paul......not so much. Oh! And there was a crazy guy in the audience who kept dancing and commenting about everything. That, unfortunately, is another "Only in New York" thing I have been getting used to.....crazy ass people EVERYWHERE.

Well, that's about it for now. Except for one very important thing I simply must mention........I GOT MADONNA TICKETS!!!!!!!!

October 4th, New Jersey, Madonna's first stop in the U.S. on her Sticky&Sweet Tour!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Me, my sister Andrea, my friend Ashley, my friend Aileen (who is coming all the way from San Francisco) and MADONNA!!!!!!!!!!!

I love you all!

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