Thursday, July 31, 2008


Oh boy. Not having a good day so far. And it's only 8:30am. Ugh.

I think of myself as a pretty positive person, but some days you just gotta be down in the dumps. So far today has definitely been one of those days.

Here's some just pure low down shitty things that have happened so far today.

a. I am temporarily sleeping on an air mattress. When I wake up the mattress has usually deflated a bit.....but today was just ridiculous. This morning the mattress had deflated so much that I literally rolled out of bed. Mind you, I was still sleeping when this was all going on so it was quite a rude awakening when I found myself rolling toward the floor face first. The same thing happened yesterday, by the way, and that incident involved a cup of spilled milk. Yuck. Good morning!

b. I made it out of the house by 7am which is just a little later than I would like. Luckily, I didn't arrive at the station just as my train was leaving. In fact, I could see one in the distance coming down the tunnel. As the train was coming to a stop in front of me I noticed one car that seemed pretty empty. I was gonna get a seat! But once I actually got on the train I discovered why there were so few people in this specific car. Some train cars tend to lose their air conditioning. People then tend to avoid these cars like the plague. I, for one, don't really mind them so much because I can usually get a seat and if I sit really still it's not that hot. But today I would have really appreciated a nice air conditioned ride to work. Plus, the upper train windows had not been opened so there was a lot of still, humid, sweaty air in there. I tried to distract myself with Harry 6 which worked for a while.....till one of those douchebags with a midget or skyscraper in his shorts decided to come splaying himself all over the seat next to me. I coulda punched him. AND, he threw his newspaper under his seat after he was done reading it. That is BAD subway etiquette! That's a big subway NO NO!

Note to self: Next time if you actually say something to the guy you'll probably feel a whole lot better!

c. I got off at 28th street and headed to grab my Metro newspaper. Unfortunately, the stand was all out of today's Metro. No crossword puzzle for me today. Boo.

Update: A nice fellow at work who heard me bitching and moaning to my coworker about not getting my newspaper just gave me his copy of Metro with a big smile on his face. Could today be getting better?

d. As I grumpily walked to work without my Metro a man almost spat on me.

e. Once I got to work I checked my schedule for the coming weeks and noticed that my boss had pretty much ignored my request for nights off. Well, I guess it's understandable since I sent my request in really late.

Now that I read all of those they really don't seem all that bad. I guess that, then, was the purpose of this blog entry. Today has been kinda shitty but it could be a lot worse, right?!

This cheered me up.....

That's Aretha Franklin singing (SANGIN' is more like it) I Never Loved a Man in 1967.

Another thing that is keeping my spirits up is that I finally got a callback! FINALLY! The show is Altar Boyz and it's happening at the Bethesda Theater. Tomorrow morning I have to go to a dance call which absolutely terrifies me because I haven't been to a dance class since I graduated from school. I mean, I did a little dancing when I was on tour with Willy Wonka but that was pretty basic stuff. To dust off my dancing shoes I attended a dance class yesterday. It was an advanced beginners jazz class. Apparently I am an advanced beginner. This is what I looked like.....

Hey, practice makes perfect so I'm gonna keep going to class!

Also, the Kennedy Center called me again but I'm not quite sure what they want this time around. I'll be sure to let you know!


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Paul said...

First of all I love you she can't even walk in dress... watching her walk up stairs was kind of entertaining.

She's a force of nature her voice is perfect!