Friday, August 1, 2008

Altar Boyz.....

.....was a BUST. That dance call was hard as hell!!! Watch this video. The part we learned starts around 1:53.....

Right around 2:13 we learned something a little different from what these boys do but I'm absolutely certain that what we learned was much harder!

I got cut. Ah well, life goes on.

I stayed after for a bit to ask the choreographer if he taught any classes. Unfortunately he doesn't but he recommended a few classes I could take at Steps. We'll see. He was really good so I'm sure the classes he takes are really hard.

After I left the dance call I told myself not to get bummed out by it but I just couldn't help it. I mean, I did what they always recommend in dance calls...even if you mess up (which I did repeatedly) just enjoy yourself and get through it! I got through it, but it sucks getting cut. Also, this production happens in my hometown!!! How cool would that have been?!

I went to a yoga class after the fiasco hoping that I would be able to get that disappointed feeling out of my system. Yoga just pissed me off even more! Ha.

On the upside, the Kennedy Center wants me to go back out on tour. I'm totally excited that they wanna hire me again but I just don't know if this is the best time. I mean, I've been going to lots more auditions and have really been trying to set up a solid foundation here in the city.....I kinda don't wanna give it up. Plus, there's so much great stuff coming up! My friend Aileen is visiting in September all the way from San Francisco! The Madonna concert! Paul's coming back soon enough! What to do? Tour would be fun, though. It even goes to Florida and the West Coast this time around.

We'll see.

Love you all. Bye!

By the way, I hope I'm not coming off too negative in these posts. I love the fact that I was at least called back to dance. I love my daily routine here in the city. I may bitch and moan a lot.....but I'm really kinda liking how things are going right now :) Sometimes you just gotta vent, you know?!

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