Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Random hiatus

So sorry I've been gone so long. Sometimes you just gotta take a little break, you know?!

I've been in Boston visiting my sister but now I'm back in NYC with a fun little story to tell. I took a bunch of pics so I can't post that story just yet since I'm at work but I'll try to get it up here by tonight. I seem to have forgotten about plenty of other things I intended to post up here so how about I put up a little list just so I can remind myself if I need to! Here it goes.....

1. Little dancing man. I was gonna put up another video of him dancing his little heart out but I seem to have forgotten all about him. I think you'll all get quite a kick out of his moves so I'll be sure to put the other video up soon.

2. NYC moments. HA! Remember that one? Neither do I. But these moments keep happening so I'll be sure to put some up here soon.

3. My Washington visit! I still have a few more pics and stories. The trip deserves a denouement!

Well, I think that's about it for now. Right? If anyone can think of anything I might be missing please just post a comment or something.

And here's a little video I watched over my break in Boston. Thanks to Gaby (my sister's friend and ex-roommate) for showing me this! Whitney singing I Will Always Love You is definitely overkill, but come on now, how cute is this?

Love you all, bye!

By the way..... Denouement? Really Jonny? Wow.

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