Saturday, August 23, 2008

Sticky&Sweet Tour Opening Night!

Madonna's latest show, The Sticky&Sweet Tour, opened tonight in Cardiff!!!!! WOOOOO!!!!! I am so incredibly excited for October 4th when I'll be watching the show with 3 of my favorite people in the entire world: Andrea, my sister; Ashley, my great friend here in NYC; and Aileen, my best friend from way back when in Nicaragua.

That's a ways away though! I need something to tide me over till then!!!!!

These helped ease my longing a bit.....
Look at the masks the guys are wearing! She's bringing some Girlie Show back!!!!!
Look at those gams!
I can't even handle it.

I've decided to start a little Sticky&Sweet October 4th countdown! Starting today there are 43 days left till I get to see Madge again. I'll post videos every now and then in celebration of the approaching date. Alright? Good? Good!

Here's the opening of The Girlie Show back in 1993 (I think). She's singing Erotica and her little S&M mask is definitely evident in her new tour. I love how she brings little things from her past back like that. It's a little racy so if anyone reading has a problem with a little nudity or some naughty Madonna then I wouldn't recommend watching it. But you are seriously missing out! Enjoy!



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