Thursday, October 9, 2008

First shows!

Yesterday in Sarasota, Florida we had our first two shows on the road at 10am and 11:45am. We were all a bit nervous since we hadn't performed in a week. Thankfully, we didn't mess up much at all. Actually, the shows were pretty great. I messed up two lines but I think that was just because I was nervous and rushing. It happens OK!!!!!!

We performed at The Van Wezel Theater which I lovingly referred to as the Purple People Eater. The crew at The Van Wezel was absolutely amazing. They were very helpful, respectful and caring. I hope to go back someday.

Here she be.....I tried to take pics as we were driving away so they're all kinda nutsy.....I took this pic inside. Kinda cool.....
That afternoon, Carolyn and I decided to take advantage of our bikes for a little longer so we went downtown for some lunch. We stopped by this place called O'Malley's and went inside looking for someone to seat us. There was music playing, the doors were wide open, Halloween decorations were up and ready to spook.....but no one was anywhere to be found! We called out 'Hello!' plenty of times but no one came. We coulda stolen every single bottle of booze they had and no one would have noticed till ages later. Good thing we didn't though.....karma and all.

We settled on a place called Patrick's where we got way too much food. After Patrick's we biked back to our hotel where I headed for the pool. I was joined by a whole other gaggle of Phantom peeps which was bunches of fun. We all then decided to go back to O'Malley's for some food. This time we got lucky. The place was damn near empty but at least we got seated and were able to order some food. Also, there was a jukebox. I LOVE a good jukebox. I picked 4 songs and only 1 of those was a Madge song. Amazing.

The only downside to O'Malley's was the horrible smell that came wafting through the dining area once we had placed our orders. Eric, our lighting technician, described the smell as 'baby diapers.' I said it smelled like poo and burnt hair. You get the idea. So did the wait staff who promptly sent over a round of Washington Apple shots for us.Will you all please take a good look at Lindsay posing for us? Hilarious. I love it.

Thankfully, the food came after the smell had passed and it was damn good. Here's Kevin's enormous plate of delicious nachos.....Damn this vegetarianism. If there hadn't been meat on those Kevin woulda probably had about 4 before I finished them.

Before we left O'Malley's, our lovely stage manager Caroline and Jeffrey (the Whetherman among numerous other roles) joined us before we headed home. Caroline provided me with my favorite picture of the evening.....Love it.

After O'Malley's a few of us went to a karaoke bar called Confessions or Whispers or something equally as ridiculous. Unfortunately, it was a bust.

Sarasota, on the other hand, was definitely not a bust :)

Bye for now!


Ana-Milena said...

I love your blog. I can't wait to see if you come to Kansas City. Glad you're having fun :)

Prayers for Peace said...

So I'm totally jealous! I wish I was out having some great adventure too:( And reminiscing on the days of two vans just about makes me want to cry. So, I'm now missing both the Wonkerers and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Dayers. But I hope you're having a fabulous time:) Btw, you still need to send me your address! <3