Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Boston and Bowling Balls

So much has happened! This blog entry is gonna be kinda long. But I'm ready for it.....are you?

Let's do it!!!!!

So I left you way back when in Burlington, VT. After Burlington we traveled to Concord, NH (where my dad went to the great St. Paul's School) for two shows. The second show was particularly memorable for me. I wear a wig when I play the Mathemagician, which is one of my many characters in the show. It's this huge white wig with a graduation cap on top. I've never really had a problem with it before aside from the fact that it's hot, it itches, and to be completely honest it's starting to smell a little. During that second show I most definitely had a problem with went flying off my damn head. That's bad enough but what made it worse was the fact that we had a talk-back after the show. A talk-back is when a group of kids who have just watched the show come backstage to meet us and ask us questions. Needless to say, I was pretty embarrassed.


After Concord we drove to New Bedford, MA. We had a day off there so Carolyn, Margo, Lindsay and I decided to go into Boston. Since I went to school there for four years I got to be the tour guide! We took the commuter rail into South Station and then caught the T to Hynes Convention Center so we could start the tour right at the top of Newbury Street. We walked down Newbury for awhile and then I took the ladies over to beautiful Commonwealth Avenue. I wanna live on Commonwealth!Carolyn and Margo strut like city girls.....We then found some statues along Commonwealth which were more than willing to join in for a photo shoot.....I tried to get this ladies attention. She just wasn't having me. What the hell was she looking at?!I mean, all I wanted was a kiss.....Ha! Awkward. I look like I'm about to eat her nose.

After Commonwealth we headed back to Newbury for some food. Unfortunately, nothing really caught our attention so we headed over to Charles Street for some soup and sandwiches. After lunch we headed into the Boston Gardens.Yoga in the park!New headshot?This fountain has always made me.....uncomfortable. What the hell is going on here?After our walk through the Gardens and Boston Common we walked to downtown Boston to meet my sister at her work. We all then walked to Faneuil Hall where we watched a rather boring street show and did a little shopping. Thankfully, we were near my most favorite spot in all of Boston. Don't ask me why it's my favorite, it just is. It's not even that pretty! It's right on the North End waterfront near the Aquarium. For some reason I just love it there. Woo! My favorite spot!Here's Andrea and I :)Andrea and Lindsay.....Yay Boston!After our waterfront extravaganza we headed to the North End for some Italian food. It was exactly what we needed, we were tired from all the walking! But before we sat down for dinner Andrea took us to see this interesting building. Take a look.....It's called All Saint's Way and it's all lit up and decorated with paintings of all the saints. Kinda cool, right?

All in all, our Boston trip was a wonderful success.

The day after our Boston adventure we had a 3pm show which my sister and a bunch of her friends came to! Thanks again for coming!!! Unfortunately, I didn't take a picture of the whole group. Silly me.

After the show, Dave, Eric, Rudy, Brian and I went to a nearby bowling alley. We had a really great time despite having to wear the most ridiculous bowling shoes I've ever seen.....I quickly got over the ridiculous shoes. Especially since I scored a Turkey!!! That's when you score three strikes in a row. See?Right next to the J? Yeah! That's me. Somehow I still managed to get third, though. Ugh. Here I am expressing my anger toward Brian. He won.....And here's a few more shots of us bowling away. Brian shows off his amazing bowling skills.....I'm not bitter.Here I am in the process of scoring my Turkey!!!Rudy had a pretty great way of throwing his ball. He was totally Fred Flintstone; I called him Twinkle toes. You can't quite capture the amazingness here but I'll let you all use your imaginations.....This next one is probably the best picture of the night, though. Dave threw his bowling ball with such vigor.....and hit only one pin. Here he is totally dejected.....
That's all for now. Bye!

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