Tuesday, January 13, 2009


No, I have not abandoned you all yet again! I'm still here, there is just so much going on. We have been stuck in the frozen tundra that is Wisconsin for about two weeks. There have been great times...and there have been some pretty shitty times. No lies. But that all requires a much more extensive blog entry! I promise I will write it very very soon.

But I have other things on my mind right now. I discovered Lady GaGa awhile ago and thought nothing much of her. I liked her eccentric outfits and her crazy ass hair but her song Just Dance never really grew on me. Instead, I downloaded her song Poker Face which is a really great track. A few days ago we were all stopped at a gas station and I heard a quick snippet of Just Dance on the radio and actually really kinda liked it. So, as soon as we got to our next hotel I downloaded the song. It's pretty fun! She's a racy, in your face, expressive sort of artist. My kind of artist, if you know what I mean. AND she apparently wrote all the songs on her new album The Fame. Not just the lyrics but the melodies, too. AND she did the whole performing in NYC bars and clubs to get herself going...just like another one of my other favorite artists. She created her own persona, she wasn't created by some record label.

Anyway...she's growing on me.

Here's her video for Poker Face...

And here she is playing the piano and jazzing up Poker Face. Pretty impressive, right?

Bye for now.


Paul said...

I love it when she snaps and were are her pants? ... I think she might have forgotten them!

Earth Wonderer said...

Glad you guys are out of the cold. Hope to see you soon