Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Well hello everyone. Where the hell have I been, you may ask...

A lot has been happening, folks. About 3-4 weeks ago The Phantom Tollbooth National Tour ended. Hanging out with my tour friends and enjoying my last bit of time on the road just seemed a little more important than blogging. I sincerely apologize.

But guess what...I'm back! Right after tour I headed home to MD for awhile for some quality family time. It was wonderful...different, but wonderful. I had gotten so used to being in a van all the time and having roommates and doing two shows a day that getting to sleep in my own bed and having almost absolutely nothing to do was a little weird for me. I was constantly trying to to find something to do (send an email, look up the next audition, go for a run) that I completely forgot that I was really supposed to be relaxing. But don't fret, after a few days at home I automatically found myself relaxing lazily on the couch while watching TV and was fabulous.

Then it was off to NYC!!! I'm proud to say that I was actually excited about being back in the big city. Usually I'd feel a little overwhelmed and jaded about coming back. This time I actually felt...hopeful? Yes, I guess you could say I did.

I hit the ground running. I had an appointment with a temp agency (which, honestly, I haven't followed through with just yet because I can't quite get myself to want to do temp work), I've been pounding the pavement and attending many auditions, and am basically trying to keep myself busy. So far so good.

To be completely honest, I feel a touch of the Jaded Jonny slipping back in. I suppose that's just because I've auditioned quite a few times since being back in the city and have had nary a callback. Ugh. It's the same story every time...I go in, sing, they say something like "You sound great, Jonathan" or "Very nice, Jonathan" or "Wow!" and I think to myself "Yes! Book it!"...and nothing happens. Shit. Even when I leave the audition room the people outside who are waiting in line to audition after me usually congratulate me on a great audition. Not gonna lie...I love it! But I kinda feel like saying "Why don't you go in there and tell them that." Yeah...that's Jaded Jonny sneaking out.

But don't be alarmed...I'm doing my best at keeping him contained. I'm still auditioning! And I've also been going to yoga again now that I'm back in the city. It keeps me pretty happy and relaxed. I've actually started taking Hot Yoga and I must's fucking hard!!! Pardon my language. Seriously, though, I occasionally feel like I'm gonna fall on my ass and die throughout the class. I feel great afterward, though, so it all works out.

Also, some of you may not know that while on tour I've been writing songs. I actually set these songs to some fun dancey beats on my new laptop and set up a MySpace page for myself which actually led me to booking my first gig as a singer/songwriter!!! Who knew?!!! The gig was really fun. My two roommates Josie and Amanda (AKA Cocoa and Nilla J...their stage names) agreed to be my back up dancers and I must say they WORKED for me. For real. They worked it out. Unfortunately, though, the audience comprised of about 20 people tops...ha. But the owner of the club came up to me afterward and said he loved my performance and wanted me to come back on a Friday or Saturday night when the club was packed. Pretty cool, huh? I'll keep you all posted.

I guess that's all for now. I should do some final tour updating but that is gonna be one big mama of a job so forgive me for not doing it now.

Love you all, talk to you soon...


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FaveCheesehead said...

Yay! You're back! Thanks for writing again. Good luck on the auditions.