Tuesday, February 19, 2008


Ok...I know I said I was gonna come back last night and let everyone know about my day yesterday but by the time my whole adventure had ended I was ridiculously pooped. Let's start where I last left off, shall we?

First of all let me introduce you to my BF, Paul. BF, by the way, is pronounced just like it looks...bfff. And BF of course means boyfriend. Yeah, I got a boyfriend and he's pretty great. I'm blushing, can you tell? Anyway, this is him...

That's actually what he looks like all the time.

Kidding! We were out that night celebrating his roommate Jen's 23rd birthday. He had just taken a shot of whiskey which, as you can see, damn near killed him. Side note, that night I actually ran into a friend from Bolivia! Talk about random. His name is Jammil Handal and I was pretty good friends with him around 6th or 7th grade I think. Crazy!

Anyway, back to yesterday. I was in a bit of a bad mood because I've been searching for an apartment for about two months now and I haven't found anything. It's been terrible. I've looked all over the damn place and have gone through plenty of broker's, but still, nothing. Paul and my good friend Saum have been nice enough to let me stay with them till I find a place. So, I had planned to meet with a broker yesterday to see a place but since it was President's Day that was out of the question. Shit. I was pissed. Also, I hadn't eaten and Paul and I were not really having each other. It was bad. But Paul had an amazing solution...FOOD!

We got dressed and headed down to Big Nick's, which is this wonderful little place which serves really affordable, delicious food. I had this enormous veggie burger ( yeah, I'm a vegetarian now) which I couldn't even finish. I'm usually a bottomless pit so this was just astonishing to me. As soon as we left I felt like a completely different person. So different, in fact, that Paul and I were singing Legally Blonde as we left the restaurant. Yikes. Actually, we were singing the end of Laura Bell Bundy's performance of So Much Better at Virgin Megastore in NYC. Here it is for anyone who hasn't seen it. You have to wait till the end to hear the good stuff.

I know, I know...I'm sooooo mean for putting this up here. But it's FUNNY! Also, I realize that she is ridiculously talented. I mean, most of the song leading up to the amazing finale is pretty great.

Enough of Ms. Bundy. We decided to go to Central Park and wander around because, although it was a little rainy, it was kinda warm. And Paul is a NYC expert since he went to school here so he knew all the cool places to show me.

First he took me to the Bethesda fountain which I've never been to. We took a bunch of pictures but they all turned out pretty terrible. I'm not much of a photographer...yet!

Pretty, isn't it?

Here are some pics from this nice walkway right by the fountain. Again, the pics didn't come out so well but whatever. Here they are!

After the fountain we decided to just get a little lost and wander around the random paths through the park. This is Paul lost in the wilderness...

I made him give me some acting. He's definitely lost, right? You totally believe him. I'm a great director, I know.

We happened upon this random castle that I'm pretty sure was used in the movie Stepmom. I love that movie. This is the castle...

After a quick stop by Shakespeare Garden we decided to go to yoga. Random. Just plain senseless and random. I take yoga at this place called Yoga to the People which is a donation based studio. I absolutely love it. They kick my ass but it's great for me. Also, if you don't really have the funds to pay the $10 suggested donation you can pay $2 for a mat and that's it!!! On our way out of the park I saw something just plain bonkers. Yes...bonkers. This...

Really, Diana? Really???

Aaaaaanyway! Yoga was great. Well, Paul wasn't really having it but I needed it. After yoga we decided to stop by BXL which is this Belgian restaurant that my wonderful future roommate Ashley works at. Here's where the shit hit the fan. Ashley knows that I usually want a Tripel Karmeliet when I go into BXL so out she came with it. Tripel Karmeliet is this sexy ass Belgian beer which I just love. Having two after a yoga class is NO GOOD though.

After BXL, Paul and I decided to make dinner...at 12am. Yup. It's all the beers fault. So off we went to Food Emporium where we picked up salmon and a ceasar salad. Once we arrived at his house we started our cooking extravaganza and were joined by his roommate Josie and her friend Brittany. The food was amazing. Paul and I came up with this olive oil, garlic, lemon and onion salmon concoction which was just to die for if I may say so myself. Oh! I just remembered that Josie gave us an amazing performance last night. She told us all about her Ghanaian mother AS her Ghanaian mother. No joke, her accent was spot on and she was absolutely hilarious. Can't wait to meet the mama now.

And that was that! Just another day in the big city. I hope I kept your attention; I realize I wrote A LOT. I'll get better at all this, I promise!


Courtney said...

Oh Jonny...why haven't you mentioned Madonna yet?! You make me smile!!

MAnderson said...

JONNNNNNNNNNY! You have a bfffff and you haven't TOLD ME? ugh. I haven't even approved yet.

Remember when i borrowed your anti-bacterial hand gel? I miss those days. hahahahaha.

love the blog.